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Sino-UK Collaborations

Academic and Technical Organisations: ABCP (Association of British Chinese Professors, 全英华人教授协会) 全英学联 - 全英中国学生学者联谊会 (CSSAUK - Chinese Students and Scholars Association UK) 国家优秀自费留学生奖学金获得者联谊会(英国) 伦敦博士联盟 (LPN = London PhD Network) emotion icon 旅英中国自动化及计算机协会 (CACSUK: Chinese Automation and Computing Society in the UK) 全英华人生命科学学会 (CLSS-UK: Chinese Life Scientists Society in the UK) 旅英中国学人化学科学与技术学会 (CSCST-UK, Chinese Society of Chemical Science and Technology in the UK) 中英人工智能协会 (SBAIA - China-Britain Artificial Intelligence Association) 旅英中国资源与环境协会 (UK CARE, UK Chinese Association of Resource and Environment) 英国华人金融协会 (ACfPU: Association of Chinese Financial Professionals in UK) 英国华人金融家协会 (CAFE: Chinese Association of Financial Executives) 英华精算协会 (CANUK: Chinese Actuarial Network UK) 英国华人协会 (Association of Chinese Professionals in the UK, A.CPU) 英中律师协会 (UKSCL: UK Society of Chinese Lawyers) 英国中华传统文化研究院 (UKCTC: UK Research and Development Centre for Chinese Traditional Culture) emotion icon Surrey-China Academics Network (SCAN, 萨里中国学术联合会) 爱丁堡专业华人协会 (ECAP: Edinburgh Chinese Association of Professionals)

UK Public Sector Organisations: Cabinet Office Foreign & Commonwealth Office Department for International Development Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Department for International Trade Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport Department for Education Home Office Department of Health & Social Care Department for Transport Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs Ministry of Justice Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government Ministry of Defence (Dstl - Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) emotion icon UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Great Britain-China Centre (GBCC)

Commercial Organisations: 英中人才发展协会 / UCTDA (UK China Talents Development Association) emotion icon 英中贸易协会 (CBBC - China-Britain Business Council) 英国中国商会 (CCCUK: China Chamber of Commerce in the UK) (中国西南英国商会 (British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China)) 中国英国商会 (British Chamber of Commerce in China) 英国中华总商会 (UKCBA: UK Chinese Business Association) 英国中华工商联合会 (CCBUK: Confederation of Chinese Business (UK)) 英中经贸交流促进会 (UKCNETPA: UK China Economic & Trade Promotion Association) 中英科技贸易协会 (CBTTA: China-Britain Technology Trade Association) emotion icon 旅英华人高新科技商业协会 (OCSTAB: Overseas Chinese Society for Technology and Business in the UK)

Alumni Associations: 西安交大英国校友会 (XJUK: Xi’an Jiaotong University Alumni Association in the UK) 上海交通大学全英校友会 (Shanghai Jiao Tong University Alumni Association in the UK) 北京大学全英校友会 (PKUAA-UK: Peking University Alumni Association in the UK) 全英清华校友会 (THAAUK: UK Tsinghua Association) 浙江大学英国校友会 (ZJUAA-UK: Zhejiang University Alumni Association in UK) 同济大学英国校友会 (TJUKAA: Tongji University UK Alumni Association) 厦门大学英国校友会 (XMUAAUK: Xiamen University Alumni Association (UK)) 北京邮电大学英国校友会 (BUPTAAUK: Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Alumni Association UK) 南开英国校友会 (NKAAUK: Nankai Alumni Association in UK) 南京大学英国校友会 (NUAUK: Nanjing University Alumni in the UK) 中国人民大学英国校友会 复旦大学英国校友会 (Fudan University Alumni Association in UK) 山东大学英国校友会 上海大学英国校友会 暨南大学英国校友会

Others: 中英文化教育交流中心 (Uk-China Cultural & Education Exchange Center) 中英文化交流协会 (ACCE: Anglo Chinese Cultural Exchange) 英伦汉风协会 (UK Han Culture Association) 英国华人收藏家协会 (BCCA: British Chinese Collectors Association) emotion icon 全英华人社团联合总会 (COCAUK: Confederation of Chinese Associations) 英国陕西同乡会 (UKSXCA: UK Shaanxi Chinese Association) 英国陕西商会 (UKCSBA: UK China Shaanxi Business Association) 齐鲁文商会 = 英国山东同乡会 = 英国齐鲁文化商贸协会 (UKSDA: UK-ShanDong Association) 英国广东华侨华人联合总会 (Federation of UK Guangdong Chinese) 英国广东商会 (UK Guangdong Business Association) 英国浙江会 = 英国浙江联谊会暨商贸会 = 英国浙江联谊会 (Zhejiang UK Association) + 英国浙江商贸会 (Zhejiang UK Business Association) 英国上海商会 (UKSHBA: UK Shanghai Business Association) 英国北京同乡会 (Beijing Association of the UK) 英国川商联合总会 (UKSCBA: UK Sichuan Business Association) 全英东北商会 (China Northeast Business Asso​ciation) / 全英东北同乡联谊会 (Chinese Northeast Fellow Association UK) 中国大西南英国联谊会 (SWCA-UK: South-West Chinese Association in UK) 英国山西商会 (UKSXBA: UK Shanxi Business Association) 英国河南文化商贸总会 (UK Henan Federation of Culture & Business Association) 全英河南同乡联谊会 (UHCA: UK Henan Chinese Association) 英 国 安 徽 商 业 协 会 (Anhui Business Association in Britain) 英国河北同乡会

Sino-Europe Collaborations

全欧华人专业协会联合会 (Federation of Chinese Professional Associations in Europe) 欧洲华人汽车工程师协会 (ECSAE, European Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers) 中欧金融协会 (SEFIN - Sino-European Finance Association) emotion icon 欧亚交流协会 (AACCEE: Asian Association of Culture Commerce and Education in Europe)

China and Worldwide

(Semi-)Governmental Organisations: 中华人民共和国外交部 (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the People's Republic of China) 全国人大华侨委员会 全国政协港澳台侨委员会 国侨办 = 国务院侨务办公室 (Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council) 中华人民共和国国家外国专家局 (SAFEA, State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs) emotion icon 侨联 = 中华全国归国华侨联合会 中国侨网 中国海协 = 中国海外交流协会 (China Overseas Exchange Association) 中国科学技术协会 中国侨商投资企业协会 (COCEA: China Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association) 中国和平统一促进会 (全英华人华侨中国统一促进会) emotion icon 中国国际技术转移中心 (CITTC, China International Technology Transfer Center) 中国国际人才交流协会 (CAIEP, China Association For International Exchange of Personnel)

Worldwide: 全球华人专业人士网络

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