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Organizations, Tools and Data: Truth Decay @ RAND (Fighting Disinformation Online: A Database of Web Tools) NewsGuard misinformation datasets @ Google Fact Check Tools API FakeNewsTracker Google Fact Check Explorer SMAT: The Social Media Analysis Toolkit Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) emotion icon EU DisinfoLab Full Fact First Draf MisinfoCon Credibility Coalition Fake News Challenge (FNC) (Stance Detection dataset for FNC-1) Poynter Institute (International Fact-Checking Network - IFCN, #CoronaVirusFacts Alliance, CoronaVirusFacts/DatosCoronaVirus Alliance Database) Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) BBC Disinformation Watch BBC Reality Check FactCheck @ Channel 4 News Fact check @ The Ferret The Reporters' Lab (Fact-Checking, The Duke Tech & Check Cooperative, ClaimReview) Truth or Fiction Check Your Fact FactsCan AFP Fact Check Africa Check emotion icon Snopes PolitiFact Global Disinformation Index (GDI) Gossip Cop Fact Checker @ The Washington Post Hoax-Slayer emotion icon Factmata Arkose Labs (Fake Reviews, Fake Users) Lie Detectors Fakespot fake-resume-generator

Multimedia False Information: This Person Does Not Exist Which Face is Real? FaceForensics Benchmark Partnership on AI's AI and Media Integrity Steering Committee (Deepfake Detection Challenge = DFDC) CoMoFoD - Image Database for Copy-Move Forgery Detection Copy-Move Forgery Database with Similar but Genuine Objects (COVERAGE) GANDCTAnalysis
Other Research Related: WeVerify GATE (General Architecture for Text Engineering) PHEME project PAN (a series of scientific events and shared tasks on digital text forensics and stylometry) emotion icon ClaimsKG The Rise of Guardians (SIGIR 2018) Learning from Fact-checkers (SIGIR 2019) FakeNewsNet CREDBANK-data (ICWSM 2015) FakeHealth repository (ICWSM 2020) ClaimBuster (ICWSM 2020) FiveThirtyEight's dataset of 3 million Russian troll tweets Raiders of the Lost Kek: 3.5 Years of Augmented 4chan Posts from the Politically Incorrect Board (ICWSM 2020) LIAR fake news databse (ACL 2017) LIAR-PLUS fake news databse (FEVER 2018)

Information Visualization

Tools: Transparency Vis


Tools: GetOldTweets-java (GetOldTweets3)
Data: COVID-19 @ Aminer (COVID-19 Open Datasets, dashboard)

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