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Recent Research Highlights

Research Interests

Word Cloud of Shujun's Research (click to enlarge) Main Interests: Usable Security and Privacy - password security and usability/graphical passwords/observer-resistant password systems (ORPSs)/identity management/CAPTCHA/e-banking security/social engineering/phishing/malware/security visualization/privacy enhancing technologies (PETs)/mobile security and privacy, Security Economics - e-banking security/identity theft/anti-phishing/economic modelling of security systems/e-payment/underground economy/economics of cyber crime, Multimedia Security - multimedia encryption and cryptanalysis/applications of discrete optimization in multimedia security/digital watermarking/steganography/information hiding/multimedia forensics/perceptual hashing, Digital and Multimedia Forensics, Human Modelling and Performance Evaluation Automation, Multimedia Computing - multimedia coding/visual quality assessment (VQA)/RVC (Reconfigurable Video Coding)/colorimetry, Crypto Tools Library (CTL), Chaos & Fractals in Computing - cryptanalysis of chaos-based cryptosystems/chaos in digital domain/applications of fractals for security

General Interests: Cyber Security and Privacy, Cyber Crime, Human Factors, Human-Computer Interface, Scientometrics, Nonlinear Science, Complex Networks


Research Opportunities for Prospective Students

The opportunities are also open to collaborators who are not students (faculty members and postdoctoral fellows) especially if they can bring students from their sides as human resources.

Research Grants/Fellowships

This list does not include all grants especially those smaller travel and equipment grants. For a complete list, see Shujun's CV.


  1. Steve Schneider, Mark Manulis and Shujun Li (CI), "Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research - University of Surrey," funded by Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in partnership with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), funding amount £81,966 (80% fEC), July 2017 – June 2022 (5 years)
  2. Shujun Li (PI), "ACCEPT: Addressing Cybersecurity and Cybercrime via a co-Evolutionary aPproach to reducing human-relaTed risks," funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) (EP/P011896/1), funding amount £880,980 (80% fEC, Surrey share £278,650), April 2017 – March 2019 (24 months)
    • This project will involve a group of researchers working in 5 academic disciplines (Computer Science, Crime Science, Business, Engineering, Behavioural Science) at 4 UK research institutes, and be supported by an Advisory Board with 12 international/UK researchers and a Stakeholder Group formed by 13 non-academic partners (including law enforcement agencies, industry and NGOs).
  3. Shujun Li (PI) and Ben Shenoy, "H-DLP: Human-assisted machine learning for bootstrapping DLP (data loss prevention) systems," jointly funded by Innovate UK, DMCS (Department for Culture, Media & Sport) and Clearswift Ltd as a KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership), funding amount £192,003 (£128,642 from Innovate UK and DCMS), January 2017 – December 2019 (36 months)
  4. Shujun Li (PI), "PassInfinity: An 'All in One' user authentication framework," funded by the University of Surrey's EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA), funding amount £28,968 + in-kind support from Crossword Cybersecurity plc, April – September 2017 (6 months)
  5. Shujun Li (PI) and Patrice Rusconi, "COMMANDO-HUMANS: COMputational Modelling and Automatic Non-intrusive Detection Of HUMan behAviour based iNSecurity," funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) (EP/N020111/1), funding amount £208,100 (80% fEC), April 2016 – April 2018 (25 months)
  6. Dietmar Saupe, Shujun Li (CI) and Tamás Szirányi, "Image/Video Quality Assessment: From Test Databases to Similarity-Aware and Perceptual Dynamic Metrics," Subproject A05 of SFB/Transregio (transregionalen Sonderforschungsbereiches, Transregional Collaborative Research Center in English) 161 "Quantitative Methods for Visual Computing", funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation), total funding amount of SFB/Transregio 161 €~8m, July 2015 – June 2019 (48 months)
  7. Steve Schneider, Mark Manulis and Shujun Li (CI), "Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research - University of Surrey," funded by Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in partnership with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), funding amount £19,942.40 (80% fEC), July 2015 – June 2017 (24 months)


NB: Most small research grants are not listed here. See Dr Shujun Li's CV for a complete list.
  1. Shujun Li (PI), "Password+," funded the Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) and the Innovate UK through the SETsquared Partnership's Cyber Security ICURe (Innovation to Commercialisation of University Research) Programme, funding amount £~34k, January – March 2017 (3 months)
    • The name of the technology was later changed to Pass∞ (Pronouced PassInfinity) due to the conflict with an existing password manager with a similar name (PasswordPlus).
  2. Shujun Li (PI) and Patrice Rusconi, "Eyes Can Tell: Applications of Eye-tracking Devices in Cyber Security Research," small research grant funded by National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), funding amount £19,392 (for purchasing a high-end eye-tracker), October 2016 – March 2017 (6 months)
  3. Shujun Li (PI) and Anthony T.S. Ho, "POLARBEAR - Pattern Of Life ANPR Behaviour Extraction Analysis and Recognition," funded by the Innovate UK - Technology Strategy Board (TSB) through its Collaborative R&D Competition 'Data exploration - creating new insight and value' (Reference Number 101949), funding amount £329,453 (Surrey share £149,349), October 2014 – March 2016 (Gateway to Research entry)
  4. Shujun Li (PI) and Anthony T.S. Ho, "A novel scheme for countering unauthorised usage of digital media content," funded by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) through the Innovate UK - Technology Strategy Board (TSB)'s Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), funding amount £157,937 (£83,529 for Phase II and £74,408 for Phase III), June 2013 – January 2014 for Phase II and October 2014 – March 2015 for Phase III
  5. Shujun Li (PI), Anthony T.S. Ho, Haitham Cruickshank and Zhili Sun, "Mobile Magic Mirror (M3): Steganography and Cryptography on the move," funded by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) through the Innovate UK - Technology Strategy Board (TSB)'s Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), funding amount and duration undisclosed
  6. Mandeep K. Dahmi, Anthony T.S. Ho and Shujun Li (CI), "Digital forensics: scenarios and standards," funded by the UK's Home Office (HOS/11/038), funding amount £39,013.20 (100% fEC, with VAT), December 2011 – May 2012 (6 months)
  7. Dietmar Saupe and Shujun Li (CI), "Development of a system for fully digitized performance measurement of video capturing devices," funded by German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technologies (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie – BMWi, renamed to Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy / Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie in 2013), funding amount €151,276, September 2009 – April 2011 (20 months)
  8. Shujun Li, Zukunftskolleg Research Fellowship (Junior Group Leader Position), 5-year full-time position in the salary group TV-L 14 plus €3,000 annual research allowance and €5,000 for recruiting student assistants in the first 1.5 years, funded by the Zukunftskolleg, University of Konstanz, Germany, through the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, German Research Foundation)'s Excellence Initiative, July 2008 – June 2013 (60 months, resigned in August 2011 to take a Senior Lectureship in the UK)
  9. Shujun Li, Humboldt Research Fellowship, full fellowship for 16 months plus some other financial support including mobility allowance, marital allowance, subsidy towards the cost of medical and liability insurance, costs for a two-month intensive German class, funded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany, March 2007 – June 2008 (16 months), hosted by the FernUniversität in Hagen
  10. Shujun Li, The University's Postdoctoral Fellowship, funded by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (香港理工大学), funding amount HK$600,000, June 2005 – June 2007 (24 months, resigned in January 2007 to take a Humboldt Research Fellowship in Germany)

Professional Activities


(Co-)Supervisors: Prof. Yuanlong Cai (蔡元龙) @ XJTU Prof. Xuanqin Mou (牟轩沁) @ XJTU emotion icon Prof. Guanrong Chen (陈关荣) @ CityU-HK
Host Professors and Mentors: Prof. Dr. Dietmar Saupe @ Uni-Konstanz Prof. Dr. Dr. Wolfgang A. Halang @ Dr. Kwok-Tung Lo (卢国栋) @ HK-PolyU emotion icon Dr. Harry Shum (沈向洋) @ Microsoft

(Co-)Supervised Research Assistants: Dr. Haiyue Yuan @ Uni-Surrey Dr. Hui Wang @ Uni-Surrey Dr. Ghulam Qadir @ Uni-Surrey Dr. Rui Hu @ Uni-Surrey emotion icon Dr.-Ing. Junaid Jameel Ahmad @ Uni-Konstanz Dr.-Ing. Kongfeng Berger (former name Kongfeng Zhu) @ Uni-Konstanz Mr. Rajib Ahsan @ Uni-Konstanz

(Co-)Supervised/(Co-)Hosted PhD Students: Ms. Nouf Aljaffan @ Uni-Surrey Mr. Saeed Ibrahim Saeed Alqahtani @ Uni-Surrey Mr. Aamo Iorliam @ Uni-Surrey emotion icon Dr.-Ing. Junaid Jameel Ahmad @ Uni-Konstanz emotion icon Dr. Hui Wang @ Uni-Surrey Mr. Syamsul Yahaya @ Uni-Surrey Dr. Ghulam Qadir @ Uni-Surrey Mr. Philip Bateman @ Uni-Surrey Dr. Ainuddin Abdul Wahab @ Uni-Surrey Dr. Kongfeng Berger (former name Kongfeng Zhu) @ Uni-Konstanz Mr. Rajib Ahsan @ Uni-Konstanz Mr. Roman Byshko @ Uni-Konstanz emotion icon Dr. Fang Liu @ Uni-Surrey Dr. Ching-Hung (Kadoo) Yuen @ Uni-Surrey Dr. David Arroyo Guardeño @ FernUni-Hagen Ms. Elena Iakovleva @ Uni-Konstanz Dr. Chengqing Li (李澄清) @ CityU-HK

Current/Recent Collaborators: Prof. Ehab Al-Shaer @ (CyberDNA Research Center, CCAA - NSF I/UCRC Center for Configuration Analytics and Automation) Dr. Hassan Jameel Asghar @ Mr. Marin Bugarić @ Dr. Mario Čagalj @ Dr. Rachel Craddock @ ThalesUK Dr. Christos Grecos @ Prof. Anthony TS Ho @ Dr. Mohamed Ali (Dali) Kaafar @ Dr. Andreas Karrenbauer @ Dr. SimYing Ong @ Mr. Toni Perković @ Prof. Josef Pieprzyk @ Dr. Norman Poh @ Uni-Surrey Dr. Keran Renaud @ Prof. Dr. Roland Schmitz @ HdM Dr. Xiaorong Shen @ Dr. Ron Steinfeld @ Mr. Santosh Tirunagari @ Uni-Surrey Prof. Adrian Waller @ ThalesUK Dr. Wenwu Wang @ Uni-Surrey Dr. KokSheik Wong @ Dr. Leishi Zhang @ Prof. Xinpeng Zhang (张新鹏) @ SHU

More Collaborators: Dr. Ihab Amer @ Dr. Gonzalo Álvarez Marañón @ ISI.CSIC.Spain Prof. José María Amigó @ UMH.Spain Mr. Muhammad Asim @ Prof. Carmen Sánchez Ávila @ ETSIT.UPM.Spain Mr. Safya Belghitha @ Prof. Bharat K. Bhargava @ PurdueU Prof. Nikolaos G. Bourbakis @ WSU Dr. Lee-Ming Cheng @ CityU-HK Dr. Albert C.T. Cheung (张炽堂) @ CityU-HK Bill Cheswick @ AT&T Dr. Sabine Cornelsen @ Uni-Konstanz Dr. Johan Eker @ Ericsson Prof. Borko Furht @ FAU Prof. Gang Chen (陈刚) @ ZJU Dr. Veronica Fernández @ IFA.CSIC.Spain Dr. Luis Hernández @ IFA.CSIC.Spain Prof. Lei Hu (胡磊) @ ISCAS.CAS Dr. Jörn W. Janneck @ Prof. Zhen Ji (纪震) @ SZU (TI DSPs LAB@SZU, PRIS Group@SZU) Prof. Mohan Kankanhalli @ Dr. Muhammad Murtaza Khan @ Dr. Syed Ali Khayam @ Prof. C.-C. Jay Kuo (郭宗杰) @ USC Prof. Dr. Kyandoghere Kyamakya @ Mr. Qi Li @ U-Liverpool.UK Ms. Wenmin Li Dr. Xinxiao Li (李新肖) @ Jun.-Prof. Dr. Zhong Li (李忠) @ Mr. Zhou Li @ IndianaU-Bloomington Prof. Xiaofeng Liao (廖晓峰) @ CQU Prof. Der-Chyuan Lou (娄德权) @ Prof. Jinhu Lü (吕金虎) @ CAS Mr. Christophe Lucarz @ EPFL Prof. Spyros S. Magliveras @ FAU Mr. Kwan-Pok Man @ HK Prof. Marco Mattavelli @ EPFL (SCI-STI-MM Group) Dr. Fausto Montoya @ IFA.CSIC.Spain Dr. Jaime Muñóz @ IFA.CSIC.Spain Ms. Juana Nunez @ IFA.CSIC.Spain Ms. Amalia B. Orue @ IFA.CSIC.Spain Dr. Gerardo Pastor @ IFA.CSIC.Spain Dr. Mickaël Raulet @ IETR/INSA-Rennes Prof. Michael Reiter @ UNC Dr. Rhouma Rhouma @ Dr. Miguel Romera @ IFA.CSIC.Spain Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi @ Prof. Carmen Sánchez-Ávila @ Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schneider @ TU-DarmStadt Dr. Daniel Socek @ FAU Dr. Ercan Solak @ Işı Dr. Huaxiong Wang @ Mr. Peng Wang (王鹏) @ Intel.Shanghai Dr. XiaoFeng Wang @ IndianaU-Bloomington Dr. Kwok-Wo Wong (黄国和) @ CityU-HK Dr. Arthur Libo Yang (杨立波) @ NKU Dr. Dan Zhang (张亶) @ ZJU Dr. Xuan Zheng (郑煊) @ Ciena.US Prof. Jihong Zhang (张基宏) @ SZIIT

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