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Organizations and Projects: IEEE Signal Processing Society IEEE Circuits and Systems Society IEEE Computer Society IEEE Consumer Electronics Society SIGMM (Multimedia) SIGGRAPH (Graphics and Interactive Techniques) SPIE—The International Society for Optical Engineering IS&T - Society for Imaging Science and Technology IAPR - International Association for Pattern Recognition SMPTE - Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3 (OMA3™) Metaverse Standards Forum emotion icon ITU Joint Video Team (av-arch; video sequences, JCTVC) ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 Moving Picture, Audio and Data Coding by Artificial Intelligence (MPAI) MPEG (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11, SVN) MHEG MPEGIF MPEG LA VC-1 Dirac Video Compression (SourceForge Project) MP4 Registration Authority Digital Media Project International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC) Open Platform Initiative for Multimedia Access (OPIMA) Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) Project Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) Video Services Forum (VSF) i3a = International Imaging Industry Association International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) Doom9 - The Definitive DVD Backup Resource JPEG - Home of PNG/MNG/JNG ANGIF emotion icon MP3' Tech emotion icon MXF Implementation Site SMPTE W25.10 - MXF Implementers Working Group MXF Test Center

Mailing Lists: SIGMM Mailing List MM-INTEREST RVC Reflector Subscription mpeg-newvid - MPEG AHG on New Challenges in Video Coding Standardization JCT-VC jvt-experts jvt-bitstream jvt-svc jvt-mvc vceg-experts@Yahoo Mp4-tech Mailing List Mailing Lists (x264-devel, vlc-devel, vlc) Imageworld Mailing List

Deep Art: Deep Art Effects @ AlternativeTo emotion icon Ostagram (GitHub) Arbitrary Style Transfer in TensorFlow.js (GitHub) deepdream (Google) neural-style neural-style-pt neural-dream Dream-Creator Neural-Tools emotion icon AlterDraw Dreamscope emotion icon Deep Art Effects Picture To Painting Converters Photo Editor - Artistic Effects Prisma Painnt Photo Art Filters Artisto Pikazo Style • Prisma Style Images Vinci Artomaton - The Motion Painter NightCafé AI Art Generator AI Painter Deep Dream Generator
Other Web Resources: MultimediaWiki PrintWiki FourCC project (MSU Video Codec Comparison) Image Compression Benchmark (What is Deinterlacing?) BinaryEssence - Data Compression and Coding Technology Compression Links DataС emotion icon Convert MXF File to Video Forum Bill Crow's HD Photo Blog The Data Compression News Blog emotion icon Annotated Computer Vision Bibliography Computer Vision Information Pages (Annotated Computer Vision Bibliography - Mirror) Amazing Optical Illusions, 3D Stereograms, and Other Mind Teasing Oddities

Chinese Web Resources: 中国图像图形学会 (中国视觉网) AVS产业联盟 先进人机通信技术联合实验室 中华视频网 流媒体网

Test Data

Digital Videos: Open Video Project Consumer Digital Video Library (CDVL) Test Media FFmpeg Test Media Files FastVDO H.264 High Profile Video Streams Consolidated list of test video clip resources @ doom9 emotion icon CIPR Sequences YUV Video Sequences @ Test Images and Videos @ Test Sequences @ CIF Test Sequences @ QCIF Test Sequences @ SVC Test Sequences @ 3DTV NoE - Public Software and Data Repository High Def Forum HD Video Collection emotion icon LIRIS-ACCEDE (Annotated Creative Commons Emotional DatabasE)

Digital Images (Research Databases): The Lenna Story emotion icon I3 - Yahoo Flickr Creative Commons 100M Image Databases @ USC-SIPI Image Database Kodak Lossless True Color Image Suite Test Images @ Computer Vision Group, University of Granada, Spain UCID - Uncompressed Colour Image Database EPFL JPEG XR Image Compression Database Computer Vision Test Images @ CMU New Test Images @ The MIRFLICKR Retrieval Evaluation @ Leiden University CVRL Color & Vision Database CalPhotos UFL-CSEA International Affective Picture System (IAPS) emotion icon ImageNet LabelMe ALIPR - Automatic Photo Tagging and Visual Image Search Berkeley Segmentation Data Set 300 (BSDS300) Berkeley Segmentation Data Set and Benchmarks 500 (BSDS500) emotion icon Dresden Image Database
Digital Images (General Purpose): copyrightfriendly Internet for Image Searching (by JISC Digital Media) Using Images in Teaching and Learning (by University of Reading) emotion icon JISC Collections VADS: the Online Resource For Visual Arts Scran emotion icon Pixabay Unsplash Pexels Geograph® Britain and Ireland Smarterpix emotion icon Openverse Wikimedia Commons Flickr (The Commons, Creative Commons) Morguefile Dreamstime Free Images emotion icon Open Clip Art Library FlyClipart VectorPortal Open Font Library emotion icon CALVisual for Construction Image Archive The Tourism Image Library emotion icon Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) Collections John Johnson Collection: an archive of printed ephemera Oxford Art Online British Library Images Online emotion icon Microsoft Office Images emotion icon iStockphoto Gallery DPChallenge Gallery Panoramio

Digital Audio/Music: (Live Music Archive) Netlabels Community Audio Ektoplazm Free Music Portal Girl Talk - All Day @ Illegal Art emotion icon HiRes Download @ 2L Free High-Res Sampler @ HDtracks

Texts: Canterbury Corpus

Selected Research Topics

Reconfigurable Video Coding (RVC)

Visual Quality Assessment (VQA)

Digital and Multimedia Forensics

Multimedia Security

General: Coral Consortium ChinaDRM (中国广播影视数字版权管理论坛) 4C Entity DVB-CPCM DVD Forum DVD Copy Control Association Digital Transmission Content Protection Digital Content Protection, LLC Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator (AACS LA) Sony DADC Thomson's MediaSec Technologies CSA - known facts and speculations emotion icon OpenIPMP 42 ways to distribute DeCSS Jpeg-privacy mailing list

Digital Watermarking and Steganography: Digital Watermarking Alliance Digital Watermarking World Computer Forensics, Cybercrime and Steganography Resources @ the information hiding homepage: digital watermarking & steganography StegoArchive BOWS-2 (Breaking Our Watermarking System 2nd Ed.) (BOWS) BOSS (Breaking Our Stegonographic System) The Watermasked Cucumbers and their watermarking blog (真印良品) Paper Watermarks Collection @ Piccard Watermark Collection Criminal Use of Information Hiding (CUIng) Initative emotion icon StirMark (StirMark for Audio) Optimark CertiMark pHash Image Hashing Research @ UT-Austin (with source code)

Compressive/Compressed Sensing (or Sparse Recovery)

Web Resources: Compressive Sensing Resources @ RiceU (Compressive Imaging: A New Single-Pixel Camera) Compressed Sensing 2.0 Community Compressive Sensing Study Group @ LinkedIn Wikimization emotion icon l1-Magic SparseLab

People: Terence Tao (Preprints in sparse recovery / compressed sensing; Compressed Sensing @ His Blog) Emmanuel Candès Justin Romberg Igor CARRON (Compressive Sensing: The Big Picture (by Igor Carron), Compressed Sensing Codes, Compressive Sensing Videos; Compressive Sensing @ Nuit Blanche - Igor Carron's Blog) David Donoho Dror Baron (Compressed Sensing Page) Joel Tropp emotion icon Compressive-Sensing Workshop 2009 @ DukeU

Software and Databases

Xiph.Org Foundation Projects: Theora video compression icecast Vorbis audio compression Speex: A Free Codec For Free Speech FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Codec XSPF - XML format for sharing playlists Directshow Filters for Ogg Vorbis, Speex, Theora and FLAC

Freeware (Open-Source)

Digital Video: FFmpeg/libavcodec (Zeranoe FFmpeg; FFmpeg builds for Windows; Forum @ MPlayer/MEncoder (MPlayer on Windows) emotion icon H.264/AVC Software Coordination (JM and KTA) x264 (encoder) (x264@VideoLAN) Hdot264 video codec T264 JSVM SVC Analyzer Open SVC Decoder Nokia's MVC Software emotion icon libmpeg2 Libmpeg3 Xvid DivX 3ivx TMPGEnc Net Dirac Video Codec WebM (VP8 Codec SDK) Smacker Video Technology AviSynth dvbsnoop - DVB Stream Analyzer, MPEG Analyzer Tsviatko Jongov's Projectsemotion icon AVS软件及测试码流 OpenAVS (decoder) AVS1-P2解码器@共创联盟 xAVS (encoder) emotion icon Ingex MXF Software @ (XFConverter, XFReader, MXFTk® Reader) AmberFin MXF Desktop emotion icon Open Media Commons (Open Media Stack) Huffyuv Lagarith Lossless Video Codec MSU Lossless Video Codec MSU Screen Capture Lossless Codec emotion icon Emily PYUV: Raw video sequence player YUV Genius Tobias Oelbaum's videotools YUV 4:2:0 Viewer (Java)

Digital Images: Independent JPEG Group Phil Sallee's Matlab JPEG Toolbox OpenJPEG packJPG (Github, wxPackJPG, packJPG Options - an alternative GUI) JJ2000 (Project Homepage) JasPer MJPEG Tools Independent JPEG Group's free JPEG software libpng JBIG-KIT jbig2dec jbig2enc CorePNG OpenSeadragon

Digital Audio: mpg123 - Fast console MPEG Audio Player and decoder library Audacity LAME MP3 Encoder MAD - MPEG Audio Decoder (FAAD2, FAAC) liba52 - a free ATSC A/52 stream decoder Libsndfile Secret Rabbit Code (aka libsamplerate)

Multimedia Systems (Media Players, Transcoders, Analyzers, etc.): VideoLAN - VLC media player (libdvbcsa, libdvbcsa, libdvdcss, libdvdread, libdvdplay) MPlayer/MEncoder (MPlayer on Windows) SDL - Simple DirectMedia Layer ffdshow xine emotion icon Transcode ImageMagick GStreamer QccPack AcrVQWin MediaInfo GSpot Codec Information Appliance FFprobe AVIcodec emotion icon BackupHDDVD@Wikipedia GPAC (Osmo4 and MP4Box) MeGUI (MeWiki) VirtualDub (VirtualDub Filters) VirtualDubMod AutoGK Avidemux AviSynth LiVES Video Editing System Cinelerra VisGenie ViTooKi vic - Video Conferencing Tool emotion icon FCam emotion icon Flavor (Formal Language for Audio-Visual Object Representation) BFlavor

Adobe Flash: Libming SWFTOOLS Gnash Swfdec swfmill MTASC (Motion-Twin ActionScript 2 Compiler)

Freeware (Closed-Source)

MediaCoder Alf FreeWare VideoCODECs Collection CodeCodex emotion icon VcDemo - Image Compression Learning Tool (VCDemo-SIPL) DrasticPreview YUV Player Deluxe MPEG Parser

Commercial Software

Media Codecs: Apple QuickTime (Developer Connection) RealNetworks (Codecs) CoreAVC HDX4 On2 Technologies Sorenson Media Kakadu JPEG 2000 SDK

Media Analyzers: Vega - Media Analyzers Tektronix's MPEG Analyzers MiraVid's MSight Mindego's MPEG Analyzer VISUALmpeg Nikon's MPEG-4AVC/H.264 Analysis Tool Nikon's MMPEG-4 Analysis Tool TSReader Elecard StreamEye Tools StreamGuru's MPEG & DVB Analyzer DVBStreamExplorer

YUV Tools: YUVTools & VIC Libraries @ Sunray Image SceneScope Nikon's Ns YUV Player-FR Nikon's Ns YUV Player DPX2YUV

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