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Dr. Shujun LI (李树钧)

Deputy Director, Surrey Centre for Cyber Security (SCCS) (an ACE-CSR)

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), Director of PGR/PhD Studies
Department of Computing
University of Surrey
Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7XH, UK
Telephone: +44-(0)1483-68-6057
eLife@University of Surrey
Email: Google Mail, University of Surrey Mail, Hotmail (OpenPGP Public Key)

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Shujun Li was born in Yanzhou, Jining, Shandong, China. He received his BE degree in Information Science and Engineering from the Xi'an Jiaotong University (西安交通大学) in 1997, and received his PhD degree in Information and Communication Engineering in 2003 at the Institute of Image Processing, School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University, supervised by Prof. Yuanlong Cai (蔡元龙) and Prof. Xuanqin Mou (牟轩沁). During September 2003 to January 2005, he was a postdoctoral Research Assistant with the Department of Electronic Engineering, City University of Hong Kong (香港城市大学), under the supervision of Prof. Guanrong Chen (陈关荣). From June 2005 to January 2007, he was a postdoctoral fellow under The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (香港理工大学)'s Postdoctoral Fellowships Scheme, working at the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering with Dr. Kwok-Tung Lo (卢国栋). From March 2007 to June 2008, he was a Humboldt Research Fellow and doing his research at the FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany, under the host of Prof. Dr. Dr. Wolfgang A. Halang. From July 2008 to August 2011, he was a Zukunftskolleg 5-Year Research Fellow at the Universität Konstanz, Germany, and also a junior faculty member of the Department of Computer and Information Science, working closely with Prof. Dr. Dietmar Saupe's group on Multimedia Signal Processing. Since September 2011, he has been a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at the Department of Computing, University of Surrey, UK. Since July 2014, he has been a Deputy Director of the Surrey Centre for Cyber Security (SCCS) leading the research theme Human-Centred Security. From January 2015, he is also the Director of PGR (Postgraduate Research, i.e. PhD) Studies of the Department of Computing, University of Surrey.

Since 2000, Shujun Li has published more than 80 scientific papers, mainly in usable security, multimedia security, digital forensics and applications of chaos/fractals in computing. Shujun Li is a Senior Member of the IEEE (Computer Society, Signal Processing Society, Communications Society, Circuits and Systems Society, Consumer Electronics Society), a Professional Member of the ACM (SIGSAC, SIGMM, SIGCOMM, SIGCHI) and a Global Member of the Internet Society (ISOC).

Curriculum Vitae (6 April 2015): PDF Version

Research Interests

Word Cloud of Shujun's Research (click to enlarge) Main Interests: Usable Security and Privacy - CAPTCHA/e-banking security/password security and usability/graphical passwords/observer-resistant password systems (ORPSs)/identity management/social engineering/phishing/malware/security visualization/privacy enhancing technologies (PETs)/mobile security and privacy, Security Economics - e-banking security/identity theft/anti-phishing/economic modelling of security systems/e-payment/underground economy/economics of cyber crime, Multimedia Security - multimedia encryption and cryptanalysis/applications of discrete optimization in multimedia security/digital watermarking/steganography/information hiding/multimedia forensics/perceptual hashing, Digital and Multimedia Forensics, multimedia computing - multimedia coding/visual quality assessment (VQA)/RVC (Reconfigurable Video Coding)/colorimetry, Crypto Tools Library (CTL), Chaos & Fractals in Computing - cryptanalysis of chaos-based cryptosystems/chaos in digital domain/applications of fractals for security

General Interests: Cyber Security and Privacy, Multimedia Computing, Cyber Crime, Human-Computer Interface, Nonlinear Science, Complex Networks



Self-Citations Excluded:
h-index = 22 (estimated from data in Elsevier's Scopus): Citation Report

Self-Citations Included:
h-index = 21 (estimated from data in Thomson Reuters's ResearcherID): Citation Report
h-index = 23 (estimated from data in Elsevier's Scopus): Citation Report

h-index = 34 (estimated from data in Google Scholar Citations)
h-index = 34 & g-index = 61 (estimated by Prof. Harzing's software "Publish or Perish", which is based on data in Google Scholar): Citation Report

Erdös Number = 3

  1. Paul Erdös emotion icon Prof. Charles K. Chui (崔锦泰) emotion icon Prof. Guanrong Chen (陈关荣) emotion icon Shujun Li
  2. Paul Erdös emotion icon Prof. Ron C. Mullin emotion icon Prof. Spyros S. Magliveras emotion icon Shujun Li

Professional Activities

Journal Editorships: Conference Organization Committee Memberships: Conference Program Committee Memberships: Technical Committee/Experts Group Memberships:

Selected Research Grants/Fellowships

Selected Publications


(Co-)Supervisors: Prof. Yuanlong Cai (蔡元龙) @ XJTU Prof. Xuanqin Mou (牟轩沁) @ XJTU emotion icon Prof. Guanrong Chen (陈关荣) @ CityU-HK
Host Professors and Mentors: Prof. Dr. Dietmar Saupe @ Uni-Konstanz Prof. Dr. Dr. Wolfgang A. Halang @ Dr. Kwok-Tung Lo (卢国栋) @ HK-PolyU emotion icon Dr. Harry Shum (沈向洋) @ Microsoft

Current/Recent Collaborators: Prof. Ehab Al-Shaer @ (CyberDNA Research Center, CCAA - NSF I/UCRC Center for Configuration Analytics and Automation) Dr. Hassan Jameel Asghar @ Mr. Philip Bateman @ Mr. Roman Byshko @ Uni-Konstanz Dr. Mario Čagalj @ Bill Cheswick @ AT&T Prof. Christos Grecos @ Prof. Anthony TS Ho @ Dr. Andreas Karrenbauer @ MPII Prof. C.-C. Jay Kuo (郭宗杰) @ USC Ms. Fang Liu @ CityU-HK Prof. Marco Mattavelli @ EPFL (SCI-STI-MM Group) Mr. Toni Perković @ Prof. Josef Pieprzyk @ Mr. Ghulam Qadir @ Dr. Mickaël Raulet @ IETR/INSA-Rennes Dr. Keran Renaud @ Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi @ TU-Darmstadt Prof. Dr. Roland Schmitz @ HdM Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schneider @ TU-DarmStadt Dr. Ron Steinfeld @ Dr. Huaxiong Wang @ Ms. Hui Wang @ Mr. Syamsul Yahaya @

(Co-)Supervised/(Co-)Hosted PhD Students: Ms. Nouf Aljaffan @ Uni-Surrey Mr. Saeed Ibrahim Saeed Alqahtani @ Uni-Surrey emotion icon Dr.-Ing. Junaid Jameel Ahmad @ Uni-Konstanz emotion icon Dr. Kongfeng Berger (former name Kongfeng Zhu) @ Uni-Konstanz Mr. Rajib Ahsan @ Uni-Konstanz emotion icon Dr. David Arroyo Guardeño @ CSIC.Spain Ms. Elena Iakovleva @ Uni-Konstanz Dr. Chengqing Li (李澄清) @ CityU-HK

More Collaborators: Dr. Ihab Amer @ Dr. Gonzalo Álvarez Marañón @ ISI.CSIC.Spain Prof. José María Amigó @ UMH.Spain Mr. Muhammad Asim @ Prof. Carmen Sánchez Ávila @ ETSIT.UPM.Spain Mr. Safya Belghitha @ Prof. Bharat K. Bhargava @ PurdueU Prof. Nikolaos G. Bourbakis @ WSU Dr. Albert C.T. Cheung (张炽堂) @ CityU-HK Dr. Sabine Cornelsen @ Uni-Konstanz Dr. Johan Eker @ Ericsson Prof. Borko Furht @ FAU Prof. Gang Chen (陈刚) @ ZJU Dr. Veronica Fernández @ IFA.CSIC.Spain Dr. Luis Hernández @ IFA.CSIC.Spain Prof. Lei Hu (胡磊) @ ISCAS.CAS Dr. Jörn W. Janneck @ Prof. Zhen Ji (纪震) @ SZU (TI DSPs LAB@SZU, PRIS Group@SZU) Prof. Mohan Kankanhalli @ Dr. Muhammad Murtaza Khan @ Dr. Syed Ali Khayam @ Prof. Dr. Kyandoghere Kyamakya @ Mr. Qi Li @ U-Liverpool.UK Ms. Wenmin Li Dr. Xinxiao Li (李新肖) @ Jun.-Prof. Dr. Zhong Li (李忠) @ Mr. Zhou Li @ IndianaU-Bloomington Prof. Xiaofeng Liao (廖晓峰) @ CQU Prof. Der-Chyuan Lou (娄德权) @ Prof. Jinhu Lü (吕金虎) @ CAS Mr. Christophe Lucarz @ EPFL Prof. Spyros S. Magliveras @ FAU Mr. Kwan-Pok Man @ HK Dr. Fausto Montoya @ IFA.CSIC.Spain Dr. Jaime Muñóz @ IFA.CSIC.Spain Ms. Juana Nunez @ IFA.CSIC.Spain Ms. Amalia B. Orue @ IFA.CSIC.Spain Dr. Gerardo Pastor @ IFA.CSIC.Spain Prof. Michael Reiter @ UNC Dr. Rhouma Rhouma @ Dr. Miguel Romera @ IFA.CSIC.Spain Prof. Carmen Sánchez-Ávila @ Dr. Daniel Socek @ FAU Dr. Ercan Solak @ Işı Mr. Peng Wang (王鹏) @ Intel.Shanghai Dr. XiaoFeng Wang @ IndianaU-Bloomington Dr. Kwok-Wo Wong (黄国和) @ CityU-HK Dr. Arthur Libo Yang (杨立波) @ NKU Dr. Dan Zhang (张亶) @ ZJU Dr. Xuan Zheng (郑煊) @ Ciena.US Prof. Jihong Zhang (张基宏) @ SZIIT Prof. Xinpeng Zhang (张新鹏) @ SHU

Colleagues, Schoolmates and Friends

Current/Former Colleagues: Dr. Hongwei Zheng (郑宏伟) @ Uni-Heidelberg emotion icon Dr. Hongjun Cao (曹鸿钧) @ BJTU Dr. Zhengping Fan (范正平) @ SYSU Dr. Yejun He (何业军) @ SZU Prof. Xiang Li (李翔) @ Fudan Prof. Shaowen Li (李绍文) @ SWUFE Prof. Yuxia Li (李玉霞) @ SDUST Prof. Wenbo Liu (刘文波) @ NUAA Dr. Yaobin Mao (茅耀斌) @ NJUST ( Prof. Guoyuan Qi (齐国元) @ TUST/F'SATIE.ZA Prof. Chuanjun Tian (田传俊) @ SZU Prof. Cong Wang (王聪) @ SCUT Prof. Gong Zhang (张弓) @ NUAA Dr. Guofeng Zhang (张国峰) @ HK-PolyU

Schoolmates, Friends and More Researchers I Personally Know: Dr. Zhongren Cao (曹重人) @ Calit2.US Dr. Dong Dai (戴栋) @ SCUT Dr. Xin Fan (樊鑫) @ DLMU Dr. Wei Feng (冯伟) @ CUHK Prof. Hua Huang (黄华) @ BIT (Visual Media Computing Lab) Dr. Yifeng Jiang (蒋一峰) @ Yale.US Dr. Ying Li (李英) @ Samsung.US Dr. Pei Liu (刘沛) @ NYU-Poly.US Dr. Yue M. Lu (路悦) @ Harvard.US Dr. Fei Peng (彭飞) @ HunanU Prof. Pinyi Ren (任品毅) @ XJTU Dr. Bo Sun (孙博) @ ColumbiaU.US Dr. Jian Sun (孙剑) @ MSRA Dr. Ping Tan (谭平) @ Dr. Lei Wang (王磊) @ Dr. Liang Wan (万亮) @ CUHK Prof. Hanli Wang (王瀚漓) @ TongjiU (Google Site) Dr. Shang Xue (薛尚) @ MarketingAnalyticsINC.US Dr. Bo Yan (颜波) @ FudanU Dr. Yu Zhang (张羽) @ Mindray emotion icon Dr. Aji A. Anappara @ Uni-Konstanz Dr. Alexej Pashkin @ Uni-Konstanz Dr. Wei Wei (危巍) @ SAP

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