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JsWiki is a wiki web application developed by Javascript and ASP under the BSD License. The official website of the JsWiki project is and its page in Google code is The current active maintainers of this project are Danwu Hou and Lythm, which are both members of the Game Studio.

Please note that there exists another JsWiki project, which is developed by a different working team called the Nirvana Studio under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Both JsWiki projects are still ongoing and they are not able to support all wiki functions like other well-established wiki systems. Fortunately, due to the extremely concise structure of the codes, you can easily enhance them by DIY. It has been known that the original distribution of JsWiki 1.1.0 has some bugs and function limits, most of which have been solved by Shujun LI's reprogramming under the help from Danwu Hou, the cheif maintainer of JsWiki. The following is a list of most functions corrected/enhanced/modified/added by Shujun LI:

Click here to find out a list of formatting commands suppported in this local edition of JsWiki.

At that moment, a distribution of Shujun LI's edition of JsWiki is not available yet, because there is still a minor bug to be fixed. In the case that you really want to use the current version for the construction of your web site, please contact him via the email addresses listed in his home page.
The most famous wiki web application based on ASP are OpenWiki and its successor OpenWikiNG, but JsWiki is more suitable for the construction of personal web sites (in my personal opinion).

If you use ASP.NET rather than ASP, then screwturn wiki might be your best choice, which is one of the best Wiki web application I've ever seen.

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