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Live Media

LiveUSB Creators: Image Writer for Windows (Universal USB Installer) How To Boot From A USB Flash Drive @ Recommendations for Booting Windows from USB Storage Devices emotion icon UNetbootin usb-creator @ Ubuntu (Win32 Edition) Cd2usb for Ubuntu Linux Live USB Creator Ubuntu LiveUSB Fedora Live USB creator Portable Linux emotion icon bootinst @ Slax tazusb@SliTaz usbdump @ BileniX usbcopy @ MilaX emotion icon Syslinux MKBT HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool HP Drive Key Boot Utility USBoot USBoot (优盘引导制作工具) BootDisk2BootStick

Rescue & Recovery LiveMedia: Dr.Web® LiveCD AVG Rescue CD Kaspersky Rescue Disk F-Secure Rescue CD Ultimate Boot CD Trinity Rescue Kit SystemRescueCD (Gentoo Linux Based) Ubuntu Rescue Remix INSERT - Inside Security Rescue Toolkit Frenzy (FreeBSD-Based LiveCD) Finnix RIPLinux - (R)ecovery (I)s (P)ossible Linux
WinPE for Rescue & Recovery: Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) (Windows PE 2.0 for Windows Vista Overview, Windows PE 2.0 Blog) Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) emotion icon BartPE (Bart's Preinstalled Environment) WinBuilder (; VistaPE, LiveXP, uxp, NaughtyPE; NativeEx, PicoXP; ReactOS LiveCD; pe21, pe21.003) BartPECore WINPE Builder Reatogo-X-PE

More for Rescue & Recovery: LiveCD News The CD Forum @ emotion icon Ultimate Boot CD for Windows (UBCD4Win) UltraBootCD Hiren's BootCD emotion icon Syslinux GNU GRUB (GRand Unified Bootloader) Boot Problems Open Source Tools | Super Grub Disk, Super Grub2 Disk and Rescatux Gujin boot/Linux/system loader Smart BootManager emotion icon Parted Magic (Live CD) GParted - Gnome Partition Editor (GParted Live) EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition Partition Resizer Ranish Partition Manager Cute Partition Manager SPecialFDisk BootPart Inquisitor (with LiveCD) Virtual Floppy Driver emotion icon Ophcrack (with LiveCD) Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Embedded OSes

General: xda-developers

Mobile OSs: Android emotion icon Apple iOS Apple iPhone Apple iPad Apple iPod iPodLinux emotion icon Windows Phone

More OSs: Symbian Moblin Architecture Ångström distribution (Openmoko Linux) μClinux NSLU2-Linux LiMo (Linux Mobile) Platform Qt Extended Mobilinux Access Linux Platform Familiar Linux GP2X Xbox Linux Xebian PS3 Linux World - Linux on a Playstation 3 Linux for PlayStation 2 (PS2 Linux) emotion icon Windows CE (Windows Mobile) Palm OS (Garnet OS) Palm webOS BlackBerry OS BREW - Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless

Virtual Machines & Emulators

For Linux/UNIX+Windows: coLinux - Cooperative Linux Portable Ubuntu for Windows TopologiLinux andLinux emotion icon VirtualBox (VirtualBox® Images) Microsoft Virtual PC QEMU (QEMU on Windows, OpenSolaris Port, Q - Mac OS X Port) VMware Player Xen Bochs Denali emotion icon Cygwin (Cygwin/X) Xming emotion icon MojoPac emotion icon Wine - Wine Is Not an Emulator Darwine (defunct) (sourceforge) emotion icon VMGL: OpenGL Hardware 3D Acceleration for Virtual Machines
Other Virtual Machines: Java HotSpot (Da Vinci Machine) IBM J9 Excelsior JET emotion icon IcedTea Kaffe Apache Harmony JC Virtual Machine IKVM.NET JamVM JNode - Java New Operating System Design Effort leJOS emotion icon CACAO Jikes RVM - Jikes Research Virtual Machine emotion icon Dalvik virtual machine Mysaifu JVM Squawk Virtual Machine Jelatine JVM emotion icon The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Clang

For DOS-Compatible OSs: DOSBox DOSEMU


General Web Resources: The Linux Foundation (LINUX.COM; LSB - Linux Standard Base, Free Standards Group) Linus Torvalds (Linus' Blog) LI - Linux® International LPI - Linux Professional Institute TLDP - The Linux Documentation Project Linux Magazine Linux Journal DistroWatch Linux on Laptops Linux@Lifehacker emotion icon Linux中国 Linux公社 Linux桌面中文网 Linux天空 OKLinux Linux开源系统 Linux人 Linux宝库 Linux联盟 Linux系统中文网 Linux学习网 中国Linux校园联盟 LinuxSir.Org 91Linux Linux内核之旅 Linux伊甸园 看看Linux Linux/UNIX爱好者家园 中国Linux公社 China Linux Forum 红联Linux门户 Linux技术中坚站 Linux初探 LinuxTOY 嵌入式linux中文站 中国myLinux网 emotion icon Linux频道@中国IT实验室 Linux@天极Yesky Linux@赛迪网 蓝森林

Distributions: Debian GNU/LinuxDebian GNU/Linux (Debian 中文计划, DebSir.Org) Ubuntu (Ubuntu中文社区; Wubi, Reconstructor; Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Edubuntu; Super OS, Mythbuntu, nUbuntu, Linux Mint, gOS; Ylmf OS - 雨林木风开源操作系统) KNOPPIX (Feather Linux LiveMedia, DSL - Damn Small Linux, Knoppix STD - Security Tools Distribution) KnoppMyth Dreamlinux sidux (with LiveMedia) MEPIS (antiX) Xandros gNewSense BackTrack emotion icon openSUSE (OpenSUSE中文社区) SUSE Linux emotion icon Fedora (Fedora Project, Fedora China, Fedora 中文用户 @; Vixta Aero 3D, Simplis; Berry Linux: LiveCD/USB, MythDora, Linpus Linux; Network Security Toolkit - NST LiveCD/DVD) Red Hat Enterprise Linux CentOS - Community ENTerprise Operating System (Yellow Dog Linux) Scientific Linux emotion icon PCLinuxOS (PCLinuxOS Gnome; Granular Linux) emotion icon Slackware Linux (Slax, SMS - Slack Mini Server, Austrumi Linux; GoblinX, NimbleX: LiveCD/USB, SLAMPP, STUX: LiveCD/USB, VectorLinux) Zenwalk Linux emotion icon Gentoo Linux (VidaLinux, UTUTO, Sabayon Linux; iloog: LiveCD for Students and Scientists, Pentoo LiveCD/LiveUSB, Knopperdisk, Incognito LiveCD/USB; Gentoo/Alt, Gentoo/FreeBSD) emotion icon Solaris (Genunix; BeleniX LiveCD/LiveUSB, MilaX LiveCD/LiveUSB, Schillix; Live Media Project) emotion icon FreeBSD (FreeBSD中文计划, FreeBSD China; DesktopBSD, FreeSBIE) OpenBSD (Anonym.OS) NetBSD DragonFly BSD emotion icon Arch Linux (Arch Linux 中文化; Arch Live, Archie: LiveCD/USB; FaunOS) ConnochaetOS emotion icon Puppy Linux (中文Puppy Linux开发者之家, E-PUP Linux 中文论坛) SliTaz GNU/Linux CRUX GoboLinux Nexenta OS EnGarde Secure Linux Devil-Linux Microsoft Linux emotion icon XBMC Media Center (also with XBMC LiveCD/USB) GeeXboX MoviX: LiveMedia dyne:bolic Musix tomsrtbt emotion icon Mac OS X PureDarwin ReactOS

Chinese Distributions: deepin (武汉深之度科技有限公司) Qomo (Everest) Magic Linux @ 中国Linux公社 veket-随身系统 Nuclear Bombs LinuX CLE - Chinese GNU/Linux Extensions (Traditional Chinese) B2D中文Linux計劃 emotion icon Turbolinux 中标普华Linux Xteam Linux 4.0
Linux Components/Projects: The Linux Kernel Archives (FUSE - Filesystem in Userspace) GNU Hurd Linux Unified Kernel (longene) emotion icon X.Org GNOME - GNU Network Object Model Environment (Developer's Site) KDE - K Desktop Environment (TechBase) Xfce LXDE - Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment Sugar Labs FVWM - F Virtual Window Manager Enlightenment Fluxbox Compiz emotion icon NTFS-3G FreeANS (FreeNAS中文) Sun Open Storage Openfiler NASLite v1.x @ Samba Samba-TNG emotion icon MythTV LinuxMCE emotion icon 文泉驿 开源软件国际化•简体中文组 Fcitx - 小企鹅输入法


DOS OSs: FreeDOS DR-DOS/OpenDOS Enhancement Project FreeDOS-32 (fd32) 4DOS Revived RxDOS emotion icon IBM PC-DOS 2000 (Chinese Edition) ROM-DOS PTS-DOS

32-bit DOS Extenders & Compilers: DOS/4G DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender CauseWay HX DOS Extender WDOSX (Wuschel's DOS eXtender) X-32 and X-32 VM DOS Extender DosWin32 emotion icon DJGPP RHIDE

Boot Disks: NTFS Reader DOS Boot Disk

Chinese Web Resources: 中国DOS联盟 新DOS时代 中国DOS技术同盟 DOS软件集中营 20世纪下载站 emotion icon 批处理之家

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