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Online Meeting Services: GoToMeeting (Own Account; GoToMeeting Free) Cisco WebEx
Webmaster Tools: Cookie Consent Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic DNS管理 我要统计 中国站长网 (站长工具, 站长联盟) crypt() Free Online Website Performance Tests @ Dotcom-Monitor® (Website Speed Test, HTTP / HTTPS Web Server Test) Bitly ManageFlitter emotion icon GCHQ CyberChef (online demo) 基于正则表达式的文本转换工具
Google: iGoogle emotion icon Google AdSense Google Analytics Google Webmaster Tools emotion icon Google Sites Google Docs Google Calendar (Outlook Google Calendar Sync) Google Earth Chrome
Web Space Providers: GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC 1&1 Internet

IP2Location: IP2LOCATION™ IPligence MaxMind - GeoIP GeoBytes' IpLocator Ip Tools 纯真 123查
Other Web Tools: emotion icon DomainCrawler Alexa 网第 - 中文网站排名 emotion icon Google Images TinEye Reverse Image Search Engine emotion icon Open Archives Initiative (Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH), Open Archives Initiative - Repository Explorer) emotion icon Shodan ZoomEye
VPNs and Proxies: Paul Bischoff's free VPN lists emotion icon Lantern AliveProxy SamAir Security 中国代理服务器网 FFSurf (Fast Free Surf) emotion icon StumbleUpon: Discover new sites Mister Wong (German Edition, 中文版)
Word Clouds: Word Clouds @ Jason Davies's World Cloud Generator Wordle IBM's alphaWorks: Word-Cloud Generator Tagxedo # TagCrowd

Web Technologies

IT-Developers' World

Security Center: Virus Bulletin AV-Comparatives Virus Total emotion icon ClamAV (ClamAV for Windows) ClamWin Free Antivirus emotion icon AVG Free Advisor Avira AntiVir®  PersonalEdition Classic Malwarebytes avast! Home Edition Comodo Antivirus Trend Micro's Free Tools and Services ZoneAlarm® Free Firewall Ashampoo® FireWall FREE emotion icon KASPERSKY (卡巴斯基实验室) Symantec Corporation emotion icon Spybot-S&D emotion icon Process Library ProgramChecker 进程知识库 Spamhaus Audit My PC

FileFormat.Info: what type of file is it? Dll exe Free download emotion icon Common Image Conversions SVG to raster image conversion ImageMagick Image Information Viewer Image Metadata Viewer emotion icon Character Set Conversion UTF to UTF Conversion unix2dos dos2unix DOS 2 UTF HTML Cleanup Online URL Encoder/Decoder Pure Ascii Switch case emotion icon PowerPoint to Flash PDF to Text emotion icon Online HexDump Utility ByteCount Utility Strings Utility Regular Expression Test Hash Functions md5sum Utility Online GUID Generator IP Address Geolocation Subnet Viewer More Tools emotion icon File Signature Database emotion icon CloudConvert

Programming: Google Summer of Code Mozilla SummerOfCode emotion icon MSDN (Visual C/C++) CodeGuru DevGuru CSDN C/C++ Reference C++ Resources Network Boost C++ Libraries emotion icon MinGW mingw-w64 Code::Blocks Bloodshed Dev-C++ Open Watcom C/C++ Borland C++ emotion icon Java Python emotion icon NSIS MinGW Doxygen

Character Sets, Languages & Fonts: The LATEX Font Catalogue Font Identification Guide emotion icon The Unicode Consortium (Unihan Database) ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2 - Coded Character Sets JTC1/SC2/WG2 (ISO/IEC 10646 - UCS) JTC1/SC2/WG2/IRG (Ideographic Rapporteur Group) International Components for Unicode (Unicode Browser, Locale Explorer, Unicode String Comparison) UniView decodeunicode emotion icon Google Web Fonts FontRiver 1001 Free Fonts Acid Fonts Absolute Fonts Archive ARPHIC (台湾文鼎) 方正字库 bitstream (MyFonts Beta, WhatTheFont) TITUS Cyberbit Unicode Font SIL International (Fonts in Cyberspace) fontyukle 字客网 emotion icon The FreeType Project FontForge TTF2PT1 Linux中文延伸套件

Project Spaces: SourceForge freshmeat Google Code Sarovar Eclipse Wald 共创软件联盟 emotion icon Assembla (Free Plans)
Freeware and Open Source Societies: GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF) The Open Group Open Source Initiative SPI - Software in the Public Interest osdir O'Reilly Network LUPA - Leadership Of Open Source University Promotion Alliance (开源高校推进联盟)

Operating Systems


General: Freeware Home Pricelessware FreewareBox 3D2F Gizmo's Freeware emotion icon Platform™ Free Portable USB Flash Pen Drive Applications @

Multimedia: MediaInfo CodecGuide MediaCoder Nero MediaHome XBMC Media Center emotion icon Wink emotion icon CamStudio Debut Video Capture Software NetUtilities Magnifying Glass
Readers/Editors: LibreOffice OpenOffice Scribus emotion icon Scintilla and SciTE (Notepad++, Notepad2, Programmer’s Notepad) RText ConTEXT WinMerge Actual Search & Replace emotion icon NVU (KompoZer) 紫光华宇输入法 ALF's Home (ConvertZ) emotion icon Sumatra PDF Planet PDF PrimoPDF AccessPDF PDFRead Xpdf Poppler emotion icon (DjVuLibre, WinDjView & MacDjView, Pdf To Djvu GUI, pdf2djvu) emotion icon DNA工具箱 (Excel工具箱)
Image/Graphics Editor: Artweaver Inkscape (textext) Dia (Dia4Windows, Dia Shapes) Blender Paint.NET (PSD Plugin) Greenfish Software VectorEngineer Diagram Designer DESI-III Pixia Drawing For Children emotion icon FreeSerifSoftware CadStd Lite emotion icon TerraServer-USA (Former Microsoft TerraServer) Online royalty free clipart @ VectorPortal Peirce Free Clipart Collection Icon Archive Free Icons Web
Mozilla Freeware: Mozilla (FireFox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey®, Sunbird®; Firefox Add-ons, ThunderBird Add-ons; Firebug, FirePHP, Video DownloadHelper, PDF Download, FireGPG, FoxyProxy, Torbutton, FoxTor, Flagfox, Greasemonkey; Lightning, DavMail POP/IMAP/SMTP/Caldav/Carddav/LDAP Exchange Gateway, ExQuilla, Microsoft Exchange data provider for Thunderbird Lightning, SOGo; KAOSMOS Extension, Achim's Mozilla-Extensions, BiDi UI, EPUBReader; Enigmail, Mailredirect, SmartSave, ImportExportTools, Remove Duplicate Messages, Folderpane Tools, MIME Edit, ZombieKeys, abcTajpu, Thunderbird Message Filter Import/Export, EditHtml, Forward, HeaderScroll, NestedQuote Remover; Mozilla Archive Format, CHM Reader; Abduction!, Image Toolbar, Screen Capture Elite, Save Images, Bazzacuda Image Saver Plus; Zotero)
Google Chrome Extensions: SingleFile (SingleFile Core) Google Calendar Chrome Remote Desktop Google Drive Docs in Google Drive Google Slides Google Forms Google Drawings Cacoo Internet TV (
Backup & Folder Synchronization: DirSync Pro Cobian Backup Snap Backup Idlebackup Abaktu emotion icon Drive Backup 9.0 Express CrashPlan Mamut Online Backup AceBackup SyncBack Freeware StoreGrid Free Edition Macrium Reflect FREE Edition JaBack DirSync™
Downloaders: VeryCD FLV Downloader KeepVid GooTube FLV Retriever Online FLV Converter
Other Common Tools: Classic Shell™ IObit Start Menu 8 StartW8 Process Explorer Windows Service Manager (SrvMan) NSSM - the Non-Sucking Service Manager Vistalizator Microsoft AppLocale Utility emotion icon FileZilla IrfanView 7-Zip ruby-msg DAEMON Tools WinCDEmu MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD-ROM RDBMerge SaveAs Plus Freeware Utilities for Windows @ NirSoft emotion icon Bulk Rename Utility QTTabBar Burn4Free GNU Aspell (Windows Port) HTTrack MobaXterm PuTTY WinSCP Apache Subversion TortoiseSVN Git - Fast Version Control System (msysgit) OpenVPN OpenVPN GUI KeePass Password Safe ImDisk Dataram RAMDisk

Consumer Electronics

Digital Cameras: Digital Photography Review Imaging Resource 迪派影像 色影无忌 成名网 (叨叨社区) DCFever@HK Ricoh PMMC Europe SanDisk (中文, Support)

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