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Indexing and Citation Services

Clarivate Analytics: Web of Science InCites Journal Citation Reports InCites Essential Science Indicators ResearcherID Highly Cited Researchers BiologyBrowser EndNote Web
Other Commercial Services: Scopus (Journal Metrics) SciVal Engineering Village Zentralblatt MATH OCLC Online Computer Library Center (WorldCat) emotion icon International DOI Foundation CrossRef

Free Services: Semantic Scholar (Own Entry) Google Scholar (Google Scholar Metrics) 百度学术 emotion icon Prof. Harzing's "Publish or Perish" scHolar index Scholarometer Scholar H-Index Calculator (Firefox Addon) HView Visualizer The h Index for Computer Science Uni-Leipzig's Web application to calculate the single publication h index (and further metrics) based on Google Scholar SCImago Journal & Country Rank (SCImago Research Group) CWTS (Centre for Science and Technology Studies, Leiden University) Journal Indicators Kording Lab's h-index prediction DataCite JISC Open Citations Impactstory Plum Analytics (PlumX) altmetrics emotion icon Guide 2 Research Microsoft Academic CiteSeerX (Venue Impact Ratings,Most Cited Computer Science Authors, Most Cited Computer Science Articles, Most Cited Computer Science Citations) DBLP (Main Server, Mirror@ACM SIGMOD, Mirror@VLDB Endow, Mirror@SunSITE Central Europe) AMiner The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies CiteULike OpCit Mendeley ReadCube ResearchGate ScienceCard 学术空间 ScholarSpace: Academic Search In China TeX User Group bibliography archive emotion icon ORCID Mathematics Genealogy Project

Scientific Encyclopedia/Online Webspaces

Natural Sciences: Wolfram Alpha Eric Weisstein's World of Science (MathWorld, Eric Weisstein's World of Physics, Eric Weisstein's World of Astronomy, Eric Weisstein's World of Chemistry, Eric Weisstein's World of Scientific Biography) Scholarpedia The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences™ (OEIS™) mathematical constants and computations Steven R. Finch's Mathematical Constants EqWorld PlanetMath Murray Bourne's Interactive Mathematics Site Math Forum @ Drexel University Encyclopaedia of Mathematics @ Springer Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures @ NIST Math Warehouse Feature Column from the AMS sci.math.GoogleGroups Cornell University Library Windows on the Past ConneXions The WWW Virtual Library 数学爱好者 emotion icon StatSoft's Electronic Statistics Textbook Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics (HyperStat Online Statistics Textbook, Online Statistics Education: An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study) Statistics Online Computational Resource (SOCR) (SOCR Books, Probability and Statistics EBook) Chance (Literacy Course) Java Applets for Visualization of Statistical Concepts Stats Make Me Cry Charles Annis's Statistical Engineering Statistical Reference Datasets Free Statistical Tools on the WEB emotion icon Internet Archive Archive-It (Internet Archive K-12 Project) Digital Preservation @ The Library of Congress (US)

Chinese Resources: CNKI知识搜索 CNKI数字搜索 CNKI学术定义搜索 (科技术语释义在线词典) CNKI学术趋势 CNKI学术新概念 CNKI论文图片搜索 CNKI论文表格搜索 CNKI学术网站导航 emotion icon 中国科学文献服务系统 中文社会科学引文索引 (CSSCI) CNKI中国学术期刊文献评价统计分析系统 国家科技图书文献中心检索服务

Preprint Services

arXiv: submit replace add Journal-ref crosslist author emotion icon Mirror@APS Mirror@China Mirror@Taiwan Mirror@UK Mirror@Australia Mirror@France Mirror@Germany Mirror@Italy Mirror@Spain Mirror@Israel Mirror@Russia Mirror@Japan Mirror@Korea Mirror@Brazil Mirror@India

Others: Cryptology ePrint Archive@IACR SigPort Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library (NCSTRL) Computer Laboratory technical reports @ University of Cambridge IPACS Open Archive (open library, closed library; submit) 中国科技论文在线

Patent Databases

English Databases: Google Patents emotion icon World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) (Intellectual Property Digital Library) United States Patent and Trademark Office (Patent Full-Text and Full-Page Image Databases) Google Patent Search European Patent Office (esp@cenet - Europe's Network of Patent Databases) UK Intellectual Property Office (Patent Search) Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt (DPMA) (DPMApublikationen, DEPATISnet) Canadian Intellectual Property Office Canadian Patents Database IP Australia (Patsearch) Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (Switzerland) (ip-search) Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) (SurfIP, ePatents) Japan Patent Office (Search Industrial Property Database) Korea Industrial Property Rights Information Service emotion icon Mayall's IP Links
Chinese Databases: 中华人民共和国国家知识产权局 (专利检索) 香港知识产权署 (知识产权网上检索) 澳门经济局 (Direcção dos Serviços de Economia) 台湾“经济部”智慧财产局 (专利资讯网, Search English Abstracts)

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