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e-Data and Data Analytics Services: The GDELT Project: A Global Database of Society Global Open Data Index (Open Knowledge) Sunlight Foundation European Union Open Data Portal JRC (Joint Research Centre) Data Catalogue UK Data Service Police Foundation’s Public Safety Open Data Portal mldata (machine learning data set repository) MLcomp datasets UCI Machine Learning Repository Kaggle KNIME emotion icon 数据堂 emotion icon DataSift DataGenetics Informatica Corporation Splunk Inc. Tableau Software
Personal Data Management Platforms: Solid HAT (Hub-of-All-Things) (HATDeX - HAT Data Exchange Ltd, HAT Community Foundation (HCF), HAT Accelerator, Documentation for Developers) DataBox Project

Foundations of Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics: Complexity Zoo Parameterized Complexity Community Wiki StatSoft's Electronic Statistics Textbook OnlineStatBook (Online Statistics Education: An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study) Statistics Glossary @ Glasgow University (Research Methodology, Research Designs, Experimental Research; Statistics Tutorial, Statistics Beginners Guide, Statistical Hypothesis Testing, Distribution in Statistics, Statistical Conclusion) G*Power

Cross-Platform Widget Toolkits: Apache Cordova Qt GTK
General Tools: Netlib SageMath (CoCalc (Collaborative Calculation in the Cloud)) GSL - GNU Scientific Library (GSL for Windows) Reproducible Research in Computational Science (by Xin Li) Intel® Software Network (Code and Downloads, Integrated Performance Primitives for Windows) emotion icon vvvv - a multipurpose toolkit Processing (p5.js) D3.js JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit VizSweet Gephi: The Open Graph Viz Platform Graphviz (graphviz4matlab) Lumify GLib igraph (igraph wiki) Pajek: (large) network analysis and visualization LiveGraphics3D MDSJ – Multidimensional Scaling for Java Lush: Lisp Universal SHell Colt - Open Source Libraries for High Performance Scientific and Technical Computing in Java half: IEEE 754-based half-precision floating point library emotion icon libit - Information Theory and Signal Processing Library CImg Library VTK - Visualization ToolKit FFTW OpenGL SDK Gandalf restoreInpaint AForge.NET (Image Processing Lab) Weka iLab Neuromorphic Vision C++ Toolkit Advanced Source Code . Com CGAL - Computational Geometry Algorithms Library MeshLab JavaView (Interactive Earth, Molecule Viewer) GDAL - Geospatial Data Abstraction Library JavaView & webMathematica
Optimization and Algorithms: IBM® ILOG® CPLEX® Optimization Studio (IBM Academic Initiative) Gurobi Optimizer (Free Academic License)
Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition: MADlib®: Big Data Machine Learning in SQL for Data Scientists Deep Learning Kernel-Machines.Org SVM - Support Vector Machines LIBSVM emotion icon OpenCV (OpenCV Wiki, OpenCV中文网站) GOCR/JOCR (Developer's Page) Tesseract OCR OCRopus(tm) ClaraOCR Kadmos ICR/OCR SDK for IrfanView Intelliant Ocr LOCR OOCR emotion icon Gamera Free Online OCR emotion icon DeepArt Ostagram (Github) neural-style emotion icon face-recognition.js
(Pseudo-)Random Number Generators: RNG @ NIST (NIST Special Publication 800-22 and Statistical Test Suite) Diehard Battery of Tests of Randomness TestU01 Robert G. Brown's Dieharder Random Number Test Suite Random Portal @ CAcert Research Lab emotion icon Random Number Generators @ Mersenne Twister PRNG DX Random Number Generators

MATLAB Tools: MATLAB Central Web-enabled image processing operators @ MATLAB中国论坛 Matlab中文论坛 emotion icon Scientific Educational MATLAB Database @ Uni-Stuttgart A collection of MATLAB toolboxes @ SPMC Group, University of Plymouth MATLAB Toolboxes Developed by MIR Lab, Taiwan M2HTML MAT2HTML toPPT emotion icon COLORLAB Colorlab Toolbox @ UJoensuu videoIO Toolbox for Matlab Piotr's Image & Video Toolbox for Matlab Matlab Toolboxes @ (VI(S)TA) Nikola Sprljan's Image&Video Compression Depot VfmDirect: Realtime Direct Show video capture function for Matlab Phil Sallee's Matlab JPEG Toolbox Psychtoolbox MCALab: Signal and Image Decomposition and Inpainting Toolbox of Computational Colour Science using MATLAB matlabPyrTools SaliencyToolbox PRTools: The Matlab Toolbox for Pattern Recognition (perClass) Karl Skretting's Matlab Code for Arithmetic Coding and Huffman Coding dxAvi: A Directshow based AVI read interface for Matlab Mikhail Sitotenko's Convolutional neural network class PMTK (Probabilistic Modeling Toolkit for Matlab/Octave) Nikolay Chumerin's myCNN Laurens van der Maaten's Matlab Toolbox for Dimensionality Reduction Aalto University's SOM Toolbox Kevin Murphy's Bayes Net Toolbox for Matlab WaveLab BeamLab SymmLab SparseLab Software @ Rice DSP Peter Kovesi's Functions for Computer Vision Peter Corke's Machine Vision Toolbox Hplot (Hyper Plot): Signal Data Visualization and Processing Tool Mikhail Sirotenko's CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) Class Nikolay Chumerin's myCNNgraphviz4matlab Ali Taylan Cemgil's Graph Layout Generation Package MatlabBGL: a graph library for Matlab VOICEBOX ICALAB GPUmat JLAB Jaroslaw Tuszynski's xml_io_tools Outlier Detection Toolbox Chaotic Systems Toolbox emotion icon Octave (Octave-Forge) Octave <-> Matlab Compatibility Database JMathLib

Human Computation: Human Computation Institute Human Computation (journal) (Blog) Human-Data Interaction (HDI) GWAP (Games With A Purpose) Duolingo Games with Purpose Foldit
Crowdsourcing Internet Marketplaces/Witkey Services: The Best Crowdsourcing Websites & Pay Per Task Sites @ Daily Crowdsource QualityCrowd Framework @ TUM (QualityCrowd2, QualityCrowd) Crowd4U emotion icon Amazon Mechanical Turk (Turk50, TurKit; Mturk Data, Tips For Requesters On Mechanical Turk, International Requesters on Amazon Mechanical Turk; Mechanical Turk Tracker) Figure Eight Microworkers Crowdee CrowdSource Clickworker TaskRabbit InnoCentive CloudFactory Foule factory emotion icon Fiverr 猪八戒网 (Witmart) 一品威客网 时间财富 威客·K68创意平台·K68易工社 emotion icon Prolific emotion icon PYBOSSA (Crowdcrafting) GridForce

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