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Hong Kong (香港)

Educational Authorities: Education Bureau (教育局) University Grants Committee (大学教育资助委员会) UGC Secretariat (大学教育资助委员会秘书处) Council for Accreditation and Academic & Vocational Qualifications (学术及职业资历评审局) Student Financial Assistance Agency (学生资助办事处) emotion icon Education Commission (教育统筹委员会) Quality Education Fund (优质教育基金) HKedCity (香港教育城) 香港专业教育网

Macau (澳门)

Singapore (新加坡)

General: Your Salary in Singapore Singapore Expats emotion icon National Research Foundation (RITA System, NRF Research Fellowships) Singapore Millennium Foundation Ltd.


Joint Programs

Branches of Foreign Universities

Other Higher Education Institutes

Other Research Institutes

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