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Resources: American Physical Society (APS) American Institute of Physics (AIP) Institute of Physics (IoP) 中国物理学会 (Chinese Physical Society) Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences (SCTPLS) emotion icon ChaosBook The Chaos HypertextbookTM Complexity Digest Theory Org SuperFractals by Michael F. Barnsley

Fractal Art: fractalus (Fractals/Fractal Art, Contests, and Info) (File Libraries, Infinite Fractal Loop) Ultimate Fractal Video Project Jock Cooper's Fractal Art aartika! - fractal art gallery by tina oloyede Fred's Fractal Laboratory


Freeware: GNU Xaos Spanky Fractal Database (Fractint; mirror, Fractint) Kandel - KDE Mandelbrot Set Program ChaosPro Fractop Mandelbrot Explorer Fractal Laboratory Screen Saver Fractal Foliage FractalLab Julia Set Explorer @ JavaView mandel Java Applet Peter Alfeld's Java Applet of the Mandelbrot Set

Commercial Software: Ultra Fractal Fractal eXtreme Mystic Fractal


Research Groups: New England Complex Systems Institute Nonlinear Dynamics Group at Drexel University Chaos at Maryland

Researchers: Prof. Edward N. Lorenz emotion icon Prof. Steve Smale @ UC-Berkeley Prof. Benoît Mandelbrot @ Yale Prof. James A. York Prof. Tien-Yien Li (李天岩教授) Prof. Mitchell Feigenbaum Prof. Oleksandr Mikolaiovich Sharkovsky Prof. Leon O. Chua (蔡绍棠教授) @ UC-Berkeley (Nonlinear Electronics (NOEL) Lab) Prof. Dr. Otto E. Rössler Prof. Edward Ott Prof. Floris Takens Prof. David Ruelle @ Prof. Michael Barnsley Dr. Stephen Wolfram Prof. Ian Stewart Prof. Mitsuhiro Shishikura @ emotion icon Prof. Julian I. Palmore @ UIUC Prof. Franco Vivaldi @ Dr. Ljupco Kocarev @ UCSD (Institute for Nonlinear Science) Prof. Kevin M. Short @ UNH Prof. Choy Heng LAI @ Prof. Chi K. Tse (谢智刚教授) @ HK-PolyU Dr. Kit-Sang (Wallace) Tang (邓榤生博士) @ CityU-HK Dr. Chung Ming (Francis) Lau (刘重明博士) @ HK-PolyU Prof. Xinzhi Liu @ Prof. Gang Hu (胡岗教授) @ BNU Prof. Tohru Kohda (香田徹教授) @ Prof. Kazuyuki Aihara (合原一幸教授) @ Prof. Chik How Tan @ Prof. Yu Pei @ Dr. Chai Wah Wu @ IBM Dr. Ercan Solak @ Işı Dr. Lev S. Tsimring @ UCSD Dr. Weiguang Yao @ Dr. Antonio Palacios @ SDSU Prof. Xingang Wang @ ZJU emotion icon Mr. Tao Yang (Yang's Scientific Research Institute) Mr. M. K. Ho (Archon) (Chaotic Encryption Standard)

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