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University of Kent

Full-time PhD Students

Shujun has a fully funded PhD studentship in Cyber Security for a UK or EU student. The studentship will cover UK/EU fees (£4,179) and a stipend for covering living costs (£14,553, tax-free). If you are not a UK or EU national, you will have to pay the fee difference or bring external funding to cover the fee difference.

The Kent Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Cyber Security (KirCCS) also has 2 EPSRC funded full PhD studentships (a stipend plus coverage of the tuition fees for UK/EU students) ONLY for UK residents, which roughly means people who "have no restrictions on how long they can stay in the UK and have been ordinarily resident in the UK for at least 3 years prior to the start of the studentship" (click here for more clarification). These studentships are competitive and open to all members of the Centre including Shujun. If you are interested in these opportunities (working with Shujun or any other member of the Centre as the principal supervisor), please contact Shujun for advice.

In addition to the above studentships, there are also other funding opportunities such as the following: If you are interested in discussing any Cyber Security related topics listed on this page for a PhD study with Shujun, please contact him with your CV, degree certificates and all transcripts, a research proposal on a topic you would like to work on, and desirably two reference letters (ideally all from your former academic supervisors) to discuss the next steps.

To submit a formal application, please go to this web page and then click the "Apply Now" link at the top right corner. Name "Prof Shujun Li" as the supervisor you are interested in working with.

PhD students at the University of Kent's School of Computing normally start in September each year.

Visiting PhD Students

Shujun also welcome visiting PhD students to work with him for at least 6 months at the University of Kent. There are normally no funding from the UK for visiting students, but many overseas governments and universities have funding schemes to encourage such visits to UK universities. If you can get such funding and are interested in doing a visiting study with Shujun, please contact him with the same material (CV, degree certificates and all transcripts, a research proposal, and desirably two reference letters) for discussing the next steps.

Note that the University of Kent normally charges a fee proportional to the period of your visit, which however can be waived if we consider your case strong enough and strategically important for the University. Cyber Security is one of two university level priority areas, so Shujun will help you waive the fee if he is willing to host you. Contact him if you have questions on this.

University of Surrey

Shujun is a Visiting Professor of the University of Surrey, and eligible to be a co-supervisor of PhD students. If you happen to be looking for PhD study opportunities at the University of Surrey but are interested in having Shujun as a co-supervisor, please contact him for advice on what funding opportunities are available at the University of Surrey and what Surrey academics you can approach as your principal supervisors.

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