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What is CAPTCHA?

It is a technique used to prevent bots (web robots) from abusing web resources. The core of this technique is a computer program running at the server side which tries to distinguish human users from bots. CAPTCHAs have been widely used on user registration page and sometimes on login and message posting web pages. If you had never heard about this term, the examples below should remind your memory.


The Name of the Game

The History before CAPTCHA

Here I list previous work done by others before the term "CAPTCHA" appeared in late 2000 and early 2001. Some papers were published after 2000 but they were not influenced by the work on CAPTCHA done by CMU researchers.

A Brief History of CAPTCHA


Our Work

Breaking e-Banking CAPTCHAs

In 2010, we analyzed a large number of CAPTCHA schemes deployed by many financial institutions all over the world and found out that none of them is secure. Three CAPTCHA schemes are used by the affected financial institutions for securing online banking transactions against automated man-in-the-middle attacks.


Since 2011, we have been developing the idea of automating the security and usability evaluation of CAPTCHAs. Some preliminary work has been published (see below), but a complete system is still to be developed.


Since 2009, we have been thinking about how to combine passwords and CAPTCHAs to improve the usability of both systems when they have to appear on the same page. We call such a combined system "Pass-CAPTCHA". Some ideas have been proposed and one prototype system has been tested in 2011-2012. More prototype systems are to be developed and tested. This is still an ongoing line of research, so no any result has been published so far.

Note that combining passwords and CAPTCHAs itself is not a new idea. Some human user authentication schemes have been designed to incorporate CAPTCHA to reduce the risk of automated attacks. One of such systems called PAS was cryptanalyzed by us in the following paper:


We also did some work on audio CAPTCHAs. The main focus is how to improve usability and accessibility to the disabled.

Web Resources

General: T. Pavlidis's Tutorial on CAPTCHA W3C - Inaccessibility of CAPTCHA An ASP.NET Framework for Human Interactive Proofs Top 10 Worst Captchas emotion icon DevilTyper: A Game for CAPTCHA Usability Evaluation (Paper)


Text CAPTCHAs: Egglue Semantic CAPTCHA textCAPTCHA Accessible Captcha for ExpressionEngine 2.x SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam for WordPress SMARTCHA (SeMi Automated Reverse Turing test to tell Computer and Human Apart)
Recognition Based CAPTCHAs: emotion icon JCAPTCHA Web Wiz CAPTCHA KeyCAPTCHA - Social WordPress CAPTCHA HELLOCAPTCHA ( Securimage: an open-source free PHP CAPTCHA script HKCaptcha CAPTCHA Service @ Horst Nogajski's PHP Class hn_captcha bot-check 1.2: WordPress anti-spam comment plugin CAPTCHA @ CAPTCHA Image @
Image Understanding Based CAPTCHAs: Uncertainty-based CAPTCHA Asirra@MSR ( FaceDCAPTCHA Picatcha GigoIts HumanAuth (Implementation @ Uni-Regensburg) IMAGINATION: Image-based Authentication MosaHIP Peoplesign CAPTCHA
Interactive CAPTCHAs: are you a human FunCaptcha Draggable Captcha for Drupal MotionCAPTCHA Stickman CAPTCHA + CAPTCHA ROCK Sliceya CAPTCHA
2-D+ CAPTCHAs: Moving-Object CAPTCHAs (including Emerging Images based CAPTCHA) Kurt Alfred Kluever's Video CAPTCHA emotion icon Sketcha: A Captcha Based on Line Drawings of 3D Models (demo) Juraj Rolko's 3D CAPTCHA Ironclad CAPTCHA (3D) CAPTCHAs based on depth perception: AniCAP + STE3D-CAP + STE3D-CAP-e Michael G. Kaplan's 3-D CAPTCHA emotion icon Vappic 4D CAPTCHA
Other CAPTCHAs: GEETEST极验 emotion icon Civil Rights Defenders CAPTCHA Sequenced Tagged CAPTCHA emotion icon Advanced Math CAPTCHA @ Quantum Random Bit Generator Service, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia Heyes Captcha (demo) Codetcha (demo) Sliding CAPTCHA @ GeoLang's Second Generation CAPTCHA System Project

CAPTCHAs for Advertising: CaptchaAd Solve Media NuCaptcha Simpli5d Confident AdCAPTCHA™ KoolCaptcha Cubecaptcha)

CAPTCHA Solvers (Cracker)

PWNtcha The Captchacker Project: Captcha Breaking using Support Vector Machines Stiltwalker: Nucaptcha, Paypal, SecurImage, Slashdot, Davids Summer Communication Breaking EZ-Gimpy Megaupload Captcha Decoder aiCaptcha 12306-decaptcha TextCaptchaBreaker JavaTextCaptchaBreaker emotion icon Death by Captcha Captcha Sniper GSA Captcha Breaker Antigate.Com 2Captcha

More CAPTCHA-like Stuff

GOTCHA Hidden CAPTCHA WP Captcha-Free POSHes @ emotion icon Duolingo

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