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What are graphical passwords?

Why do we need graphical passwords?

Selected graphical password schemes

Draw-A-Secret (DAS)
Android Pattern Lock
  • Android Pattern Lock: a variant of DAS on Android OS
  • PassFaces (the company was founded in 2000, scientific reports dated back to 1998)
    • T. Valentine, "An Evaluation of the Passface™ Personal Authentication System," Technical Report, London: Goldmsiths College University of London, 1998 (the first report known in the literature)

More Graphical Password Schemes: Building Windows 8: Signing in with a picture password (Optimizing picture password security) PixelPin GrIDsure Confident ImageShield ZSS LOGIN: Geographical Password Solution GPEX, Graphical Passwords For Firefox Intelligent Environments' Emoji Passcode Noto Emoji RITE Password emotion icon Inkblot Authentication (PHP Implementation) Pass-Go UF-IBA Awase-E Blue Moon Authentication (Graphical Edition for Mobile Platform)

Are graphical passwords really so good?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. So we need new designs that can overcome the above problems!

What has Shujun Li been doing on graphical passwords?

You are interested?

Please contact Shujun Li for possible collaborations! There are plenty of ideas but short of hands! :-)

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